Simplify PTO Program Management

With CommunityPass, you can collect dues & contributions, run enrichment programs and manage your organization's finances - all online. Our simple "Pay-as-you-Go" model allows you to get started without making a large financial investment in new software. CommunityPass is simple to use and it's easy to train incoming volunteers from year to year.

We Help Keep Parents and Teachers Organized

  • Automated, Organized Reports

  • Collect Dues and Fees Online

  • Expand Event Opportunities

Enable Parents to Pay Online

  • Collect dues, fees or donations
  • Accept credit card payments
  • Allow parents to sign up and pay from anywhere

Increase Enrichment Program Revenue

  • Expand fundraiser & special event opportunities
  • Increase program participation and awareness
  • Minimize or eliminate uncollected fees
  • Solicit additional donations with each registration

Low Cost & Easy to Use

  • Convenient pay as you go pricing
  • Option for no up front costs
  • Clear, automated, organized reports
  • Simple transition from year to year

Ready To Give CommunityPass a Try?

Parents and teachers work hard enough already. Find out how CommunityPass can make your life easier – the kids will love you for it.

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