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Tuition Management For Before & After Care Programs


CommunityPass lets you offer your families convenience, flexibility, and peace of mind while organizing critical information in real-time. Since our software is cloud-based and not hosted, information is instantly distributed, so teachers and administrators know who is in the building when they arrive.


Easy Flexible Scheduling


Digital Attendance Tracking


Simple Online Registration & Payments

Make It a cinch For Parents To Register And Pay Online

  • Accept credit cards or checks
  • Collect and store all emergency information
  • Process deposits and partial payments
  • Create multi-student discounts for families

Maximize Revenue

  • Register individuals or families
  • Manage waiting lists
  • Set eligibility requirements
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FlexibILITY For Your Families

Enable parents to choose their own schedule

  • Allow for schedule changes, cancellations, and additions
  • Apply full refunds, partial refunds, and credits
  • Manage wait lists

Keep Students Safe

  • Track student locations in real-time
  • Know who is supposed to be in the building at any time
  • Digitally check in/check out students with the app
  • Monitor pick-ups with authorized signatures and photos
  • Download and distribute sign-in sheets

Generate Detailed, Customizable Reports

The power is in the numbers

  • Reconcile registrations with bank statements
  • Follow an audit trail for every transaction
  • Track student attendance, drop-off, and pick-up time.
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