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Jewish Community Center (JCC) Management Software

CommunityPass is a comprehensive member and operations cloud platform to fuel your JCC mission, without complicated steps.


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Simplify Operations, Engage Your Community, and

Ensure Security with A Tailored Management Platform



Streamlined Membership Control


Integrated Payment Processing


Smart Facility Scheduling

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Activity Management

Dynamic Activity Management for Your Community

  • Diverse Program Cataloging: List and promote various activities, from cultural workshops to recreational classes, accessible to all members
  • Attendance Monitoring: Utilize tools to track program attendance, offering data-driven insights to help refine and improve your offerings
  • Engagement Analytics: Gain valuable feedback through engagement metrics, helping to tailor future programs to member preferences

Smart Facility Scheduling

Optimize Your Space:

  • Booking and Scheduling: Efficiently manage bookings for your facilities with our user-friendly system, designed to prevent scheduling conflicts and optimize space utilization
  • Integrated Payment Processing: Handle rental payments seamlessly within the platform, providing convenience for users and administrators
  • Real-Time Availability Checks: Offer transparency with real-time scheduling visibility, ensuring members and staff can easily find and book available spaces
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Sports and Recreation

  • Sports and Fitness: Organize sports leagues and fitness programs with tools for scheduling, roster management, and participant tracking.
  • Instructor and Class Management: Support your instructors with dedicated tools for managing their schedules, communicating with participants, and tracking class progress.
  • Participant Engagement: Monitor and analyze participation in sports and recreational programs, helping to foster active and engaged community members.

Communication & Engagement

  • Targeted Messaging: Employ our communication tools to reach specific segments of your community, ensuring messages are relevant and engaging
  • Event Promotion: Utilize built-in features to advertise upcoming events, driving participation and awareness within your community
  • Fundraising & Donations: Facilitate donation collection to support fundraising initiatives. 

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Empower Your Mission

  • Access Control: CommunityPass includes membership management features that can be used to control access.
  • Emergency Preparedness: The software offers communication tools for emergencies, though real-time response capabilities would depend on staff training and procedural implementation.
  • Data Protection: CommunityPass adheres to data security standards essential for member trust


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