CommunityPass Services

A product is only good as the service that supports it. For over 15 years, CommunityPass has been dedicated to helping customers manage their businesses with professional services and personalized customer support.

Your Success Is Our Priority

The CommunityPass team will walk you through implementation, training and go live. Need some data imported? No problem. Customization? Let's talk. Once you're live, you'll get great support, annual reviews and a level of service that keeps our historical retention rate above 99%.

CommunityPass Services

  • Implementation
  • Full-Service Payment Processing
  • Account Setup
  • System Integration
  • Data Migration
  • Customization
  • Training and Webinars
  • Report Analysis & Design
  • Rollout Management
  • Customer Support

TogetherPay Payment Processing

  • Competitive, Fixed Rate
  • Easy, No Cost Implementation
  • Securely Integrated into CommunityPass
  • Supported Directly by CommunityPass
  • Easier Budgeting
  • Streamlined Workflow

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