Recreation Management Software

Cloud-based Recreation Management Software 

CommunityPass is one of America’s most well-respected and comprehensive cloud-based recreation management software solutions. Inspired by and built for recreation professionals, CommunityPass provides state-of-the-art recreation management software to help clients streamline operations, maximize revenue, and build community. 

Whether you work for a recreation department, a park district, a community center, or manage little league, you likely plan events and activities constantly. The goal of our cloud-based recreation management software is to centralize community engagement, bringing together programs offered all over the community into one online site where the public can easily browse, register, and pay online.

CommunityPass parks and recreation management software is designed to be used by folks who do not consider themselves technical. This makes it easy to get started and even easier to train new volunteers or employees as they join your team. Manage your programs more efficiently with all of your data and metrics in one recreation software solution so you don’t have to sort through stacks of paper. With CommunityPass, your team can also communicate with registrants easier than ever before. Search by individual, family, or program and send targeted messages.

Additionally, your community will love the convenience of registering for programs online instead of in person. Easily advertise the different programs, camps and events in your online catalog, and offer different pricing tiers as well as additional items for purchase. Everyone will appreciate the options!

Recreation management software brings kids of all ages together at their local park.
Manage your local pool effectively with recreation management software.

If registration day for your pool involves lines out the door, then you should consider CommunityPass for your recreation software and let individuals register online at their own convenience. Your staff will thank you when CommunityPass lets them quickly and easily scan IDs when it’s the hottest day of the year and you need to check membership status ASAP. 

Offer your residents different types of memberships, like seasonal passes or just a day pass. They’ll want to keep coming back, especially as CommunityPass pool membership software elevates how you communicate with them. Whether you’re launching your renewal outreach, marketing a new swim class, or announcing a last-minute change or cancellation, you’ll have the email and text messaging tools you need.

CommunityPass is the ideal recreation software solution for centers of all kinds: recreation, community, senior, fitness, aquatics and more. Whether you manage a single facility or run multiple locations, CommunityPass recreation center software provides all the tools you need to run your day-to-day operations, improve customer service, and grow your revenue. 

People appreciate having a single site for all of the different recreation activities and memberships in their community. Keep your front desk staff armed with the fastest check-in tools and watch everyone flock to your programs.

Your rec center will see more community members when you recreational management software.
Manage various sports team in a league with recreational management software.

CommunityPass also offers software to manage your sports leagues. Don’t get overwhelmed with the various teams and players you oversee. Construct leagues, divisions, and teams easily with CommunityPass. Improve team building and communication with league-wide messaging as well as direct messages between coaches and their teams.

From online registration and payment collection to scheduling to storage and retrieval of emergency contact information, CommunityPass will make your staff’s lives so much easier and help you run the show from opening day to the final whistle of the season and beyond.

Streamline Your Operations with Recreation Management Software

Without recreation management software like CommunityPass, the public has to keep track of program and event registrations themselves. This means they might have to create multiple logins, fill out identical forms each time they register for an activity, and complete paperwork no one has time to do. Instead, CommunityPass, as a 100% cloud-based solution, gives you one streamlined online site where your staff can manage your park and recreation programs.

Activity Registration

Register for activities easily with CommunityPass's recreation management software.

Members of your community want to sign up for local activities but don’t have the time to wait in long lines and fill out paperwork. With CommunityPass, the public can quickly and easily register online and avoid the hassle. 

With online activity registration, CommunityPass offers:

  • Online catalog of programs, classes, activities, and memberships.
  • Secure payment processing.
  • A screening tool to verify residency, age, and other registration requirements.
  • Alternate pricing for sibling discounts, early registration discounts, residents and non-residents, and more.
  • Additional options like signing up to be a volunteer, making a donation, or purchasing merchandise or tickets for local events.

Payment Processing

Process payments securely and easily with CommunityPass's recreation management software.

With CommunityPass, you have access to a digital payment processing solution embedded in the software. This lets the public complete transactions easily and forgo having to mail a check or bring in cash. 

CommunityPass’ integrated payment processing solution:

  • Is PCI-compliant, giving people the most secure experience when they register and pay for your programs.
  • Provides monthly statements and reports from the financial dashboard in CommunityPass.
  • Stores cards on file for active members.
  • Offers auto bill pay for recurring payments, card expiration reminders, and more.

Membership Management

Manage community members with CommunityPass's recreation management software.

CommunityPass makes it easy to manage and facilitate new member signup, membership renewals, and member program administration. You have the ability to create member ID cards and key fobs that can be quickly scanned for efficient check-in and check-out. It is a membership management solution with many different membership types such as:

  • Fixed-duration memberships.
  • Rolling or recurring memberships.
  • Seasonal, day, guest, or free passes.
  • Individual as well as family packages.

CommunityPass lets you set up eligibility requirements for memberships and passes based on customizable criteria such as age or residency. Offer auto renewal notifications to help increase membership renewals.

Facility Management

Plan events at your various facilities with CommunityPass's recreation management software.

CommunityPass provides an online reservation manager to help your staff manage availability of facilities, create reservation schedules and accept online facility rental requests. There’s going to be many instances when a school or another organization is going to rent out one of your facilities. With CommunityPass, you will say goodbye to costly double-bookings!

In one centralized system, you can:

  • Allow online public request and internal rental of buildings, rooms, fields and more.
  • View, print, and download a master calendar to see which facilities are available. 
  • Schedule and adjust reservations quickly and easily.
  • Create single reservations or assign recurring time blocks.
  • Process permits.
  • Market your facilities with vibrant web pages with photos and descriptions.

Point of Sale

Your POS system will process transactions on site with CommunityPass's recreation management software.

CommunityPass POS allows your organization to accept cash, credit cards, and checks for concession stand or other sales made on site. You aren’t limited to only online transactions, which creates more opportunities for you to generate revenue. With CommunityPass POS, you can:

  • Process multiple payment methods for sales on site.
  • Accept both member and anonymous transactions.
  • Set alternate pricing for members.
  • Reconcile sales by shift or time period to ensure compliance and accuracy.
  • Override prices if you want to give a discount.
  • View and navigate multi-levels of products with a tile display on a touch screen.

Instructor Management

Make your instructor's lives easier with CommunityPass's recreation management software.

Your organization’s instructors are the key to running successful programs.  CommunityPass offers a mobile-friendly instructor management tool to take the burden off your administrative staff and allow instructors to manage certain aspects of their classes themselves. CommunityPass will:

  • Provide each instructor with their own microsite to better manage their classes.
  • Not give instructors access to your organization’s financial and confidential information. 
  • Provide quick access to past and upcoming schedules.
  • Accurately take attendance online and see historical attendance.
  • View and print rosters in real time.
  • Send emails and texts to keep students informed.

Sports League Management 

With CommunityPass's recreation management software, members will be enjoying sports games in no time.

CommunityPass sports league management software is perfect for your league, no matter what activity. With this sports league management system, you can:

  • Create unlimited leagues and divisions.
  • Easily assemble teams and assign roles to coaches. 
  • Send out league-wide notifications and alerts or more direct coach-to-team messages. 
  • Grant players access to view their stats and schedules with team roster.
  • Create fun player profiles with photos.

Before & After Care

Provide an abundance of before and aftercare for children with CommunityPass recreation management software.

CommunityPass before and after care software helps your staff manage registration, billing, attendance, messaging, and reporting for your before and after care programs for children. With CommunityPass afterschool program management software, you can:

  • Collect registration and payment easily online.
  • Provide flexible scheduling for families, offering full-year enrollment or occasional use.
  • Offer auto bill pay.
  • Customize pricing and present multiple payment options.
  • Manage billing with invoices and apply automatic late payment or late pick-up fees.
  • Digitally check students in and out.
  • Monitor pick-ups with authorized signatures and photos.

Marketing & Communication

Carefully market your communications with CommunityPass's recreation management software.

Managing multiple programs and events always requires effective marketing and communication. CommunityPass enables your staff to:

  • Quickly and easily send targeted emails and texts to market specific messages. 
  • Keep registrants informed and updated with the latest news, events, and programs.
  • React quickly to changing situations such as an emergency closing by sending out alerts quickly.
  • Plan your communication in advance with scheduled messages to be sent at a specified day and time.


CommunityPass's recreation management software lets you generate insightful reports.

CommunityPass recreation management software offers robust and effective reporting capabilities. The reporting tool includes a report builder and designer, as well as 300+ pre-built report templates, ranging from attendance, to financial, to roster-based. Here are just some of the reports that CommunityPass will help your team generate:

  • Monthly financial statements.
  • Payments by program.
  • Payments by charge code.
  • Rosters.
  • Attendance.
  • Flexible spending report.
  • Late pick-up report.
  • Student onsite report.

CommunityPass: Industry-Leading Recreation Management Software

With its online registration features, easily navigable program catalog, integrated payment processing solution, and other incredible management tools, CommunityPass continues to establish itself as an industry leader for recreation management software.

Whether you are a parks and recreation department director, community camp director, or manager of a community center, CommunityPass helps you effectively oversee your operations in an intuitive and engaging way. So, how does CommunityPass cater so well to recreation professionals?

CommunityPass's recreation management software provides an intuitive platform for anyone to use.

Recreation Management Software, Built For Recreation Professionals.

CommunityPass was launched in 2002 by people just like you. When a group of volunteers in their town’s Sports Council found themselves overwhelmed with processing all of the registration forms, they weren’t sure how to accommodate the amount of kids wanting to participate in their athletic programs. When hiring more people to do the job became too costly, they decided to come up with a software solution.

Partnering with Capturepoint, CommunityPass was created and the town had one central online member database to run programs and activities across the board. From summer camps to sports leagues to community events — they knew that with CommunityPass they could do it all. Now they offer CommunityPass recreation management software to other leaders like you, so you can provide experiences and offer memories for the community around you.

CommunityPass recreation management software offers a dashboard for the front desk.