School Registration Software

Online Registration and Payment Software for Schools

CommunityPass is a comprehensive, easy-to-use online school registration software and payment processing solution for public, private and charter schools, adult education and community schools, before and after care programs, enrichment, affiliated clubs, and parent teacher organizations. This all-in-one platform makes managing school-based programs and fees easier than ever, and provides the tools you need to succeed. 

Register students for community school courses, fee-based extracurricular activities, and enrichment programs. Better manage attendance, pay school fees, and engage through email or text messaging. Take advantage of flexible program scheduling and digital attendance tools to ensure you quickly adapt to any changes and account for students in a safe manner. And, with our 100% cloud-based solution, you have quick access to important data and reporting tools!

CommunityPass school registration software is a comprehensive, cloud-based system that allows you to manage all fee-based registrations in your public, private, or charter school Pre K-12 system. Plus, you can integrate it with your Student Information System to streamline internal operations and automate student engagements. 

CommunityPass is a convenient way for students and parents to register for programs and extracurriculars. Within the same system, they can also easily pay for laptop and student athletic fees, as well as for class trips. CommunityPass is a time-saving management tool for users and administrators and with it you’ll see lower operational costs and a decrease in time-consuming tasks!

Learn how CommunityPass' school registration software can help Pre-K schools.
School registration software can help you better manage and organize your before and after care program.

CommunityPass knows that before & after care program leaders are busy. With dedicated features for before & after Care, CommunityPass can streamline many of your tasks, including how you bill families, send payment reminders, and charge late payment or pickup fees.

Never feel disorganized and offer families peace of mind with the ability to manage attendance digitally and sign students in and out electronically. CommunityPass lets you use a tablet right at the curb as students come and go. You’ll always know who is in the facility since the system updates in real-time.

Use CommunityPass for your community and adult education programs to take some weight off of your instructors’ workload, as well as increase convenience for students.

With CommunityPass, users can easily browse your online catalog, sign up for classes, and make payments. It also provides a comprehensive view of which classes are already full and can waitlist users and release them when the class becomes available.

CommunityPass can improve community schools for both instructors and students with its school registration tools.
Explore how school registration software can help manage your parent teacher organization.

With CommunityPass, parent teacher organizations can better collect dues and contributions, run enrichment programs, and manage your organization’s finances — all online! If you’re involved in a parent teacher organization, you already know how much an online tool like this can ease your busy life.

CommunityPass is simple to use and it’s easy to train incoming volunteers from year to year. Using our system, individuals can easily pay online, whether it’s to input their dues or make a donation.Plus, parents can sign up and pay from anywhere. Our simple “Pay-As-You-Go” model allows you to get started without making a large financial investment in new software!

Managing Registrations and Fee Collection for In-Person & Virtual School

Whether your classes and programs are in-person or virtual, CommunityPass has the tools to support your registration and fee collection needs.

Community/adult school educators and leaders of fee-based extracurricular and enrichment programs can use the CommunityPass platform and provide an online course catalog of each experience they’re offering. Students can browse and register for the topics they’re most interested in, with the system taking in this data and automatically assigning them to the appropriate classes or programs. Plus, it can go so far as to update class lists and manage waitlists as well.

With our integrated online payment solution, users can pay with both credit cards and e-check. We can keep a card on file and set up recurring bill amount for ongoing payments such as before and after care program tuition. CommunityPass is also PCI Compliant, so you know you’re keeping your community’s financial data safe.

CommunityPass online registration and payment software for schools lets parents and students easily register and pay fees.
Class registration software like CommunityPass can make your life easier with attendance tracking tools.

Keep Your Community Safe With Attendance Tracking, Capacity Limits, & Contactless Check-In/Check-Out

CommunityPass knows that health and safety are always at the top of any instructor’s or administrator’s mind, and has specific features to help ensure that. For instance, all attendance tracking can be done digitally, making check-ins/check-outs an easy and contactless process. You’ll always know the whereabouts of each student and can make sure that the person they leave with is authorized to pick up.

Minimize risks by using registration lists and digital attendance features as a contact tracing tool. Because CommunityPass keeps all its data in one system, it’s a convenient reference point to where certain students or instructors have recently been and who they’ve come into contact with. This ensures that everyone is accounted for and safe.

You can even program your CommunityPass platform to set class size limits! Set a maximum student number and ensure that all activities and classes are populated smartly.

What Can Smarter Class Registration Software

Do For Your Community?

CommunityPass school registration software can help any type of school or school-based program. Because every process and task happens on the platform, administration and instructors can easily register students, securely collect payments, market programs, and run reports. As a 100% cloud-based solution, CommunityPass provides students, parents, and staff members the ability to use its tools wherever and whenever they want. 

Before and After Care

Optimize your before and after care program with school registration software.

Before and after care programs are crucial parts of education, learning, and child care. With CommunityPass, you have access to the following features:

  • Customizable billing periods
  • Auto bill pay 
  • Automatic late payment fees
  • Full-year enrollment or occasional use registration 
  • Easy schedule changes
  • Flexible spending report
  • Digital check-in/check-out

Digital Attendance

Attendance tracking is very important, and school registration software can help.

Tracking student attendance has never been easier than with CommunityPass’ digital platform. With it, you can:

  • Facilitate parent check-in/check-out within a centralized platform
  • Authorize pick-ups with quick access to signatures & photos
  • Utilize a digital instructor attendance tracking tool
  • Have quick access to emergency contact information

Student Information System Integration

A top school registration software should integrate with your student information system.

CommunityPass offers integrations with your existing Student Information System. This way you can:

  • Automate student uploads into CommunityPass
  • Annually update your new student database
  • Create welcome letters via a formatted PDF or email

Instructor Site

Use class registration software to create your own instructor site.

Providing instructors with their own site not only helps them manage their students more efficiently but also provides a centralized online portal for students. With CommunityPass, instructors can:

  • Manage attendance & rosters
  • Access a mobile-friendly instructor dashboard
  • Message students

Fee Management

Explore how software for school registration can help you better manage and process fees.

It’s no secret that schools can often come with fees. Whether it’s for class trips, laptop insurance, athletics, or other student activity fees, it only makes sense to have a tool that can easily and safely facilitate payments. CommunityPass can:

  • Process credit cards & e-check through its integrated payment processing solution
  • Access cards on file for quick online payments

Membership Dues

School registration software can streamline the payment of membership dues.

Whether for a school club or your parent teacher organization, your school might require member dues. Don’t worry, CommunityPass has a tool that can:

  • Process credit cards & e-check for online due payments
  • Allow parents to signup and pay dues from anywhere
  • Send email reminders to increase awareness and minimize uncollected fees

Fundraising & Donations

Learn how school registration software can help with school fundraising and donations.

Fundraising is a key part of school life, especially to fund necessary programs, buy school supplies, and provide students with exciting opportunities. CommunityPass helps with its:

  • Donation prompts during program and event registrations
  • Standalone web pages for fundraising event registration 
  • Anonymous donor options
  • Access to tax write-off documentation

Tickets and Merchandise Sales

Use school registration software to handle ticket and other sales.

Your school likely often hosts events and sells merchandise as a way to engage your community and raise money for programs and supplies. Dedicated school software like CommunityPass can:

  • Facilitate barcode scanning for general admission
  • Provide attendees with a customizable printed or mobile ticket
  • Host an online page for merchandise purchases online

Marketing + Communication

School registration software can aid with communication and parent teacher organization messaging.

It’s important that your school is able to quickly post announcements and send pertinent information to parents— after all, you never know when an unprecedented event might affect operations. With CommunityPass, you can:

  • Have access to unlimited outbound email & text
  • Create email lists and filters for more targeted communications
  • Allow parents to opt in/out of communications
  • Post through a message center on your CommunityPass website

Comprehensive Reporting

Reporting tools help you glean insights to improve internal processes and better engage your school community. CommunityPass’ school registration software gives you:

  • Access to 300+ pre-built reports
  • Statistics on attendance, finances, and your roster
  • Report building & designing tools

CommunityPass: Industry-Leading School Registration Software

Managing school-based programs, whether it’s for Pre K-12, a community or adult learning school, or before and after care, is hard work. That’s where CommunityPass’ dedicated school registration software can help!

With our online registration and integrated payment features, easily navigable course catalog, communication tools, and more, you can better offer your community expanded opportunities and provide them with enriching experiences.

CommunityPass' class registration software can help you better engage your community and provide exciting experiences.