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Harness Marketing Automation For Your Registration Software 

This guest post was contributed to our blog by our friends at ActiveTrail.

Marketing is obviously important for your community center. However, the marketing landscape becomes unpredictable as your community and its members evolve. This simply means that you will have to spend a larger part of your precious time trying to stay up to date with the latest trends. And that is just wasting your time, which could be spent on other equally important tasks. 

Nevertheless, thanks to marketing automation software solutions, marketers can now automate the activities to provide a much more personalized experience for their community members. When a community center grows, it becomes harder for marketers to maintain a one on one connection with community members. Automation comes in handy as it automates all workflows from email marketing to website personalization, thus saving time and energy.  

In the upcoming section, we will take a look at how you can leverage marketing automation for your registration software and reap amazing benefits. Let’s jump straight in.  

A Warm Welcome Message Using Automated Blast Emails 

According to researchers, 92% of consumers visiting your website aren’t there to buy.   

Regardless, when potential members visit your website, it is clear that they are interested in your programs, activities, or other services. This makes them perfect candidates with whom you can interact to pursue them to sign up in the future.  

The best way to keep the communications active is by getting them to subscribe to your email list. Subscribing to an email list is such a small conversion when compared to handing over money for your programs and thus your visitors will be more likely to do it.  

After they have subscribed, you can leverage a marketing automation software solution to send them an automated email welcome message and let them know about your special subscriber-only offer which might compel them to sign up for classes or try a program.  

Additional examples of email automation include nurture email automation to stay in touch with your prospects, and time-bound offer automation to generate sales.  

Creating Customer Journeys Using Marketing Automation Software Solutions 

Marketing automation is just the perfect way to take your prospects through the sales funnel. To put it short, marketing automation turns the process into a journey that your community members enjoy. A well-defined customer journey eases transitions, increases engagement, increases revenue, saves time, and helps build organization loyalty.  

Once your prospect becomes a part of your subscriber list through the registration software, you can start your predetermined customer journey through means of messaging that the community members will enjoy. Marketing automation software allows your rec center to communicate with community members through multiple channels like SMS, email, messages, and social media.  

Sending reminders are also a superb way to stay connected. For instance, after a member signs up for your programs or services, send them a reminder to schedule a follow-up or collect their feedback through a survey. You can even send personalized birthday messages and special birthday discounts to your members by setting up an automated email after you collect your community members’ birth date.  

Sending specific emails like these will help you quickly grow your rec center’s clientele and build trust among your community. Furthermore, you can also have different customer journeys like one for community members who have newly subscribed for the newsletter and one for community members who have just renewed their membership.  

Lead Nurturing Through Marketing Automation Software 

Studies have proved that companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost. 

Marketing automation helps simplify and automate the entire process of lead nurturing by enabling community centers to easily upload prospective members’ information from different social media platforms. As stated earlier, most leads aren’t ready to sign up immediately after they are generated. Thus, you have to make lead nurturing a part of your sales cycle to track customer behaviors and manage email marketing campaigns.  

Consumers claim that immediate responses to their requests are what influence their loyalty. Automate messaging sends targeted messages to prospects exactly at the time when they need you, thus aiding in upselling and cross-selling your activities and programs.  

You can automate your lead categorization through lead scoring and sending personalized emails using email automation. Additionally, auto-responders help in improving your follow-ups.  

Integrating CommunityPass With Marketing Automation 

One of America’s most well-respected providers of cloud-based recreation management software and software for school-based programs, CommunityPass’s registration software when combined with marketing automation work wonders.  

It saves both your time and effort through marketing automation by increasing revenue, refining your marketing process, and targeting potential community members across multiple channels. Furthermore, it improves the accountability of your marketing and sales team and creates space for a lot more creativity.  

As you can see, marketing automation can bring tangible benefits when working together with your recreation registration software. Moreover, it can save time, money and improve your results and return.  

Hopefully, this post has given you enough information about how you can incorporate marketing automation with your registration software to enjoy amazing benefits.  

Luda Greko is the Head of Content Marketing at ActiveTrail, a leading provider of professional-grade email marketing and automation software for growing businesses. By day she writes for top online marketing sites about email marketing and marketing automation, and by night she is a lifestyle blogger and social media enthusiast.